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The word Hypnosis sometimes gives the impression of patients not being aware of what is going on and not being in control.

When you are in hypnosis, you are in a heightened state of awareness and suggestibility. You are not “asleep.” You are aware of what is going on around you, and you will not do anything in hypnosis against your will, morals, or values. It is a very safe and proven way to make positive changes. And, it often produces quicker results than other types of therapies.

Julia Nizinski is a hypnotherapist serving Tarzana, South Pasadena, the San Gabriel Valley and Tarzana. She, awarded the Best of South Pasadena 2014 Hypnotherapy Service award, is a hypnotherapist who practices a style of hypnosis, therapy with Hypnosis, using hypnotherapy to help people make positive changes in their lives (see Issues Treated by Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles).



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Many people are hesitant to be hypnotized because they fear losing control. You actually are in more control with hypnosis. A hypnotherapist helps you access your subconscious mind. You can choose to stop a hypnotherapy session at any time. You are always in control. After a hypnotherapy session with Julia, you will have the self-control to achieve your goal.

With hypnosis, you change any part of your life. 

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that everyone experiences several times a day. We bookend our day in trance: it's that relaxed, "Ahhhh" woozy, "zoned out" state that you feel when you get in bed, turn out the light, and roll over to go to sleep. Hypnosis is an extremely powerful state to be in. Julia Nizinski is a hypnotherapist that will put you in this powerful state using hypnotherapy.

The best candidates for hypnotherapy are those who are bright and open-minded. They understand that the process of hypnotherapy is not about being commanded, rather a new lifestyle is being suggested to you. With your free will, you can take the suggestion, or not. No one ever does anything in the hypnotic trance that they don't really want to do anyway. After a visit with a hypnotherapist like Julia Nizinski, you will see how this Hypnotherapist, who practices Therapeutic Hypnosis, can help you make the difference.

Through hypnotherapy, you are able to access your subconscious power and align it with your conscious wishes to give you 100% of your mental power in the direction you choose to go! You can change unhealthy habits, discover your inner self or your life purpose, find physical pain relief, personal empowerment, smoking cessation, overcome sexual dysfunctions, fears and phobias, and essentially "reprogram" your mind to break through your fear into achievement, attract more of what you want, and deflect what you do not want in your life. Julia Nizinski specializes in successfully treating child sexual abuse, clergy abuse and incest. Julia Nizinski is a hypnotherapist who can also use past life regression hypnotherapy for those clients who are interested.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlight the amazing benefits of hypnosis.


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